Make Bigger Auction Profits By Selling In Niches

I research eBay almost everyday and I run across an amazing variety of things that I would have never thought to sell myself. The things that I see being sold are pretty unique but what really blows my mind is how much some of these people are pulling in a month.

So what do I mean by a niche? Well, it’s very simple. A broad category would be plants, which are always a popular item. But let’s go a little deeper than selling just any kind of plants that are general in nature. We’ll use the anthurium jenmanii as an example.

In this case this a fairly rare plant and can make you a lot more money than someone else that is selling another variety of the anthurium. Now in this particular case I found one of these this types of plants sold for $3,150. If you type in the word anthurium into eBay then you’ll see a wide variety of specifies with the anthurium but you notice that these aren’t selling for as much but that they are still a very popular item.

If you haven’t already done so, you really have to ask yourself – “Would I rather make a little money or would I rather make a lot of money?” The answer is obvious especially since it takes just as much effort to sell a low priced item s it does a high priced item.

You don’t need to get into the plant business to make a lot of money because there are a many, many areas where you can use this type of strategy. The purpose of giving you this example is to get your mind working in a way to see what most other people don’t. When you start to dig deeper and specialize in something then you will in general (but not always) make more money. Research is the key.

The other positive about specialization is that when you do offer things that are in a highly focused area you will become known as an expert get more repeat business than you ever thought possible. How cool would it be for people just to automatically come to you to buy something without really having to compete for their business again?

The research tool should be part of your indispensable tool arsenal and will really show you some eye-popping numbers of people that are quietly making fortunes on eBay.

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